One-day tour in Galle that includes a catamaran ride in Koggala Lagoon.

Mangroves play a crucial role in mitigating soil erosion in wetland ecosystems. Unfortunately, human activities pose a significant threat to their survival. Nevertheless, considerable efforts are being undertaken to rehabilitate degraded mangrove habitats. A notable example of such an initiative can be observed in the restoration of the Koggala Lagoon. As a sustainable traveler, you can make a valuable contribution towards the protection of mangrove ecosystems.

Cycling tour

Proceed to Bentota to the starting point of the cycle ride at 08.00 am. This is a ride of 18 kilometres into the scenic countryside of Bentota. You will have some stops to visit a coir factory, temple, cinnamon plantation, rubber plantation, rice fields, toddy tapping, picture stops……etc. In general, this is a flat ride on mountain bikes (Some slight climbs and slopes) through the typical countryside, where you can see, smell and feel the real Sri Lanka. In average takes about 03 hours including a break. During the break you will be served a King coconut or a soft drink. You will experience some wild life and nature together with typical country living style of the villagers.

Village Walk Bentota

Proceed to Bentota and do a catamaran ride in Bentota River. Bentota River is very famous in Sri Lanka for its natural habitation and wildlife such as mangroves, birds, water monitors, crocodiles, fruit bats, snakes, frogs, butterflies….etc.

Thereafter, proceed to a local house on foot through the village (1 km) and take part in cooking of traditional Sri Lankan cuisine (Rice and curries) while learning how to cook. During the cooking lessons you can enjoy your cold beer or soft drink. Finally you will be served tasty typical Sri Lankan rice and curry cooked by you and local family together.